We’ll dive into


Security testing options for timely and cost-efficient delivery


Cybersecurity best practices to avoid costs arising from vulnerabilities


Various types, methods, and methodologies of security testing


Competitive advantages of Security Testing-as-a-Service


Stage-based overview of a common security testing project


Real-world stories of successful security testing initiatives and consequences of a lack thereof

Remain confident in your cybersecurity strategy

Multi-layered testing
Risk-based approach
Holistic approach
Continuous assessment
Latest cybersecurity trends
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About us

IBA Group is a global alliance of IT companies. We're dedicated to engineering customer-centric solutions, bridging the legacy of the past with the landscape of the future.

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  • Data management solutions
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  • Mainframe maintenance
  • Cloud technologies
  • Penetration testing
  • SAP services
  • DevOps
  • RPA & ML
  • 15
    countries with
    IBA Group presence
  • 2,500+
    employees worldwide
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Our success stories

"As a leading European IT service provider, we needed to secure our Enterprise Absence Management System. IBA Group's security testing model removed 28 vulnerabilities, 22 with medium to critical threat levels, safeguarding sensitive customer data and preventing unplanned downtimes. Their exceptional work also helped us pass an audit."

– Large EU-based IT services provider

“We chose IBA Group's penetration testing service to ensure our software's security before going to the market. They expertly identified and eliminated 20 vulnerabilities, 13 of which posed a significant risk. IBA Group's services have bolstered our security and given us peace of mind.”

– US-based AI Writer Service

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